… of people and tasks.

To identify and pointedly develop potentials of employees. Both for the individual benefit and the economic benefit of the company. In cooperation with numerous certified consultants, we apply CAPTain potential analysis to the needs of small and medium sized Austrian businesses and multinational companies all over Europe. Therefore, we always aim to find the most suitable person for a particular task. Benefit from our wide range of long-standing experience in more than 60 different online potential analysis processes for application and implementation.

Tools for potentials

CAPTain potential analysis supports you with profound evaluation and specific action approaches for personnel selection, -development, talent promotion and general management tasks.

General Tools

universal basic tools

General Tools

  • Universally applicable potential analyses for all questions and target groups
  • For personnel selection and -development, for managers, specialists and sales representatives.
  • Suitable for sophisticated consultations
  • Customizable through the use of specific requirement profiles

Specific Tools

special tools for different target functions

Specific Tools

  • Special potential analyses for different target functions
  • For personnel selection and -development
  • Self-explanatory description
  • Fixed benchmarks simplify the correct assessment and evaluation
  • Always on the pulse of current management trends.

Add on Tools

supplementary tools

Add on Tools

  • Supplementary potential analyses in combination with General or Specific Tools
  • Deepening of complementary potential areas, such as:
  • Motivation
  • Intercultural competence
  • Learning ability
  • Supplementary reports from the scientific CAPTain “Think Tank”

This is how you benefit from CAPTain potential analyses

Your advantages at a glance

CAPTain potential analyses are available 24/7 in our webshop (only in German).

If you want to purchase your CAPTain potential analyses in English, please contact us directly.


What our clients say

“For years, CAPTain has been a valuable tool for potential analyses. It always provides exciting insights and information during the reflection of the results – especially the employees conceive the feedback talks very valuable and profitable.

We use CAPTain for talent management – as the basis for the personnel development plan – for management programms – especially regarding agile skills – as well as during individual executive selections CAPTain is useful support.”

Mag. Barbara Laky, Sparkassenakademie

“With the help of CAPTain, the potential for a (higher) managerial function can be significantly discussed and described within the feedback consultation between the CAPTain certified consultant and the employee. As executive developer, I get impressions concerning the work and performance style, which are not obvious in feedback consultations and simulations. All candidates were astonished how aptly CAPTain describes their potential. Finally, I can say that with the help of CAPTain, the development measures for the candidates were stipulated in a more purposeful and extensive way. Our executive development includes in a greater range all possibilities on and off the job.”

Hans-Peter Brönner , Allianz Deutschland AG

“We use CAPTain for many years with great success both in the employee selection and development. Again and again the reliability of the CAPTain results can be confirmed and we are pleased about the high level of acceptance among the employees. This increases the quality of professional personnel management enormously. The application became more efficient combined with company-specific requirement profiles for the selection of salesmen and for the development of management trainees. At Porsche CAPTain is a well-implemented and accepted tool.”

Mag. Paul Gahleitner, Porsche Holding GmbH

“CAPTain offers a good opportunity to compare public image and self-image. The representation of the results is clear and consistent. The deepened explanations lead prompt to the crucial points, so that the tool provides important impulses for further development in a compact way.”

Markus Rettich, Dipl. Päd., Daimler AG

“For many years now we, the Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg, have been successfully using CAPTain in business consulting and organizational development. In management development we use CAPTain for individual potential analyses and to determine concrete development measures.

Even with the ideal collocation of teams, project groups as well as for quick and competent staffing, CAPTain delivers a profound decision-making basis due to the possibility of customized requirement profiles.

CAPTain offers comprehensible answers to our customers’ questions and impresses with the validity and precision of the results.”

Mag. Elisabeth Dudak, Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg

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