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What is CAPTain and how does it work?2017-08-08T12:30:40+00:00

CAPTain is a psychometric procedure that captures the behavioral competencies in the working context.

What is CAPTain based on?2017-08-08T12:31:13+00:00

The CAPTain test system is based on the personality theory of Henry A. Murrey. This theory assumes that two contrary forces define the human attitude:
“Needs”: Internal area of conflict (needs, strivings, subjective wishes and stances)
“Presses”: A person’s environmental requirements
CAPTain measures the behavioral patterns that have developed in the area of conflict of these two forces.

What does criterion-based diagnostics mean?2017-08-08T12:31:43+00:00

The theoretical model underlying CAPTain is the criterion-based diagnostics. The aim is to determine the position of the proband relatively to the nominated criteria. This has decisive advantages in aptitude diagnostics:
For example, for a personnel selection decision it is of little interest to know how independently an applicant works compared to other applicants of his/her age and educational group (e.g. more independently than 60% of the comparison group), but whether a person has the exact amount of independency necessary for the specific function.

How secure is CAPTain?2017-08-08T12:32:02+00:00

CAPTain is a scientifically-established procedure. Its application complies with DIN 33430. CAPTain fulfills all quality criteria, which are submitted to procedures for professional aptitude assessments.
We take data protection very seriously. Before you execute the CAPTain test, you have the option to access our privacy policy via the input screen.

How is the CAPTain questionnaire structured?2017-08-08T12:32:24+00:00

The CAPTain questionnaire consists of 183 paired-comparison questions. Some CAPTain versions include additional 38 questions for self-assessment.

What are paired-comparison questions?2017-08-08T12:32:52+00:00

Paired-comparison questions are questions, where you have to choose between two statements. Regarding CAPTain, these are statements on different behaviors, preferences or experiences at work.

How do I execute CAPTain?2017-08-08T12:33:23+00:00

For the test execution please use the Internet Explorer and follow the link: www.captainonline.com. Select the desired language and click on the red text below the form to encrypt the test.
Afterwards, enter username and password that you have received via e-mail.

What is to be considered during the test execution?2017-08-08T12:33:52+00:00

For the successful application of the site content we recommend the usage of Microsoft Internet Explorer and the browser settings “allow session-cookies“.
In rare cases, the test execution may be interrupted, especially when using a different browser. If so, please sign in again and proceed with answering the next question.

Sometimes the decision is difficult?2017-08-08T12:34:22+00:00

Choose a statement that suits better than the other. Please keep in mind, that there is no right or wrong. Sometimes the decision is not easy, but that is normal and desired that way.
Both statements do not suit you? Choose the statement that contradicts your attitude and experience fewer.

How can the CAPTain results be understood?2017-08-08T12:34:53+00:00

CAPTain does not consider higher scores better. Which characteristics are evaluated in a certain way, always depends on the precise requirements of a certain task.

I or others do not always agree spontaneously with everything CAPTain says?2017-08-08T12:35:41+00:00

CAPTain is neither a self-assessment, nor an external assessment, but a neutral analysis. So there may be discrepancies between the statements of CAPTain, and a self- or an external assessment.
That is not unusual. Keep in mind that self and external assessments are subjective and therefore are subject to falsification: Personal desire, a blind spot or an individual assessment scale mean that we cannot look at ourselves or others objectively.

Where do I get further information?2017-08-08T12:36:29+00:00

For further information regarding CAPTain, or for technical questions, please contact ontalents, telephone number: 01/405 24 00 or by e-mail: office (at) ontalents.com.

Our office hours are:
Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm (UTC + 1)
Friday 9 am to 2 pm (UTC + 1).

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